Selling – The Trunk

Consignment Terms

Before submitting a costume for consignment, ask yourself if you would buy the costume. If the answer is no, then please do not consider it for consignment.

Costumes Accepted

We accept solos, duets, and trios. Duets and trios can be sold together as duets and trios or separately as solo costumes.

Condition of Costume

All costumes must be carefully inspected for:
-  deodorant and undergarment area stains 

-  sweat stains 

-  any other stains like food and makeup 

-  missing beads/rhinestones/paintwork 

-  tears/holes 

-  fabric pulls 

- We recommend spot cleaning your costume using a gentle detergent.

Determining Price of Costume

We will determine the price of your costume based on how the market is trending, which is usually 50%-75% of the original price.

Processing Fee

The Glitter Parlour charges a $10 processing fee for every costume accepted for consignment. The processing fee includes taking pictures of your costume, selling your costume, and handling any inquiries about your costume. The processing fee is due once your costume has been accepted. 

Consignment Fee

Our fee is 50% of the selling price of your costume. You will receive 50% of the final price, excluding any applicable taxes. 

Length of Consignment 

All consignment agreements are in effect for a minimum of 90 days. We will keep your costume for a maximum of one year with an option to renew for another year (no additional processing fees). If you decide to pick up your costume before the 90-day minimum, you will be charged a $25 penalty for not fulfilling the 90-day minimum.

Post-Consignment Agreement

Once the consignment agreement comes to an end and you opt not to renew, you have 30 days to pick up your costume. Any costumes not picked up after the 30 days become the property of The Glitter Parlour.

It is important that you keep in touch with us, as it is not our responsibility to keep in touch with you.

Advertising Your Costume

Your costume will be posted on our website. Every effort will be made to sell your costume. However, The Glitter Parlour cannot make any guarantees that your costume will sell.

I’m Interested!

If you are interested in consignment, please call The Glitter Parlour at 647-823-1010 or email us at to set up an appointment for us to look at your costume. We do not accept walk-ins.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, please complete our consignment form, prior to your appointment. We ask that you bring two copies of the form with you on the day of your appointment.

Important: While not every person has to make an appointment for the consignment of duet and trio costumes, every person must have two copies of the consignment form completed on the day of the appointment.

We will not accept any costume that has not been made by The Glitter Parlour and is not in stage-worthy condition.